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The Thurston Report    May 2002

  To Seek and Save the Lost

Casilla 207-11 Santiago, Chile E-mail: jamest@terra.cl
Phone 011-562-274-2485

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Is there an adequate way to say thanks? No matter how many ways it can be said, there never seems to be enough ways. Because of your help a lady in Colombia has had the privilege of leading eight people to the Lord. She says thanks. Our video studio is taking on a new look. A new series about discipleship has been done. My personal discipleship group has over a 100 in it and it continues to grow. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Once arriving back in Chile, we immediately began to participate in church conferences and weekend retreats. That took most of February. Only in March did church activities begin to slow down a bit. This meant we were able to start the remodeling of our studio.

Studio with the roof off and the walls torn done

Putting in the new floor







Three construction workers have been working full time since the middle of March and it looks like things might be finished by the end of May. This has been a major overhaul.

Little did I know, that when the studio was constructed in the late eighties, the workers had made a mistake on the second floor. Imagine a table with only three legs. That was the way the second floor was constructed with only three supporting pillars. If we had a strong earthquake, it would have fallen down along with all the valuable equipment. We were able to fix that lacking pillar, raise the roof so that you don’t have to stoop to get in and out, put in a new floor that doesn’t squeak, sheet rock the walls and completely rewire the room.

Paul helping to record the video classes in a Southern Baptist church.

Parstor Mario Vega with one of our studio helpers, Paulo Cesar







Even though we haven’t been able to use the studio during this time, we were able to keep things going as we set up much of the equipment in our dinning room. Last week we video taped over 14 hours on Christian discipleship groups which will be a blessing for many churches. Pastor Mario Vega, from El Salvador and who’s church has over 117,000 members, did part of the teaching.

Once again, I have been invited by Christianity Today International to participate in a conference with the six top Christian Internet leaders in the world. It will be a four day event, only this time instead of meeting in Chicago, we will meet in Holland. Since the mission doesn’t have the finances to send me, I have been praying and one of our of our supporting churches has said they would like to partially help me out with travel expenses. If you would like to join them, just send a note to our office saying you would like to help. Last year, the Vice President of Christianity Today International,Keith Stonehocker, was so impressed with what we were doing and the out reach that we have with our Internet site, Integridad.com, that they gave us a grant. Recently I talked with a gal from Colombia who is a Christian social worker and she told me that eight people had prayed with her to receive Christ on our chat site. ( For those not computer literate, this is a place on our web page where people can talk to each other in real time.) It is exciting how the Lord is using the site to reach others for Him.

As you may know, Lina is on the international board of a Christian women’s group, and this year the international board meeting was in Israel. Just before she was scheduled to leave, she fell and fractured her foot, so with a walking cast and cane she left for Jerusalem on May 7. Please pray for her safety.

Mary Jane wanted me to let you know she has just entered the University UNIAC in Santiago and is majoring in Public Relations & Tourism. She is enjoying her classes very much.


Pedro- right Erasmo- left


Erasmo, who is one of my disciples, led this drug addict to Christ on the streets in Santiago two years ago. Pedro finished his drug rehab program last year and is now one of the counselors in the Christian Rehab center. Pedro says “Thanks!”

In Christ, 

Jim and Lina


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