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The Thurston Report  May 15, 2000

T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S
Casilla 207-11
Santiago, Chile
Phone (562)274-2485
email: jamest@terra.cl
Website: www.studio-jtv.com

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intervizion graphicToday a person lives because of the efforts of many people.  A few days ago, I was talking to a gal from El Salvador on our internet site, www.intervizion.net.  She told me of a person who came into our site and was starting to commit suicide at that moment.  She counseled the person and as a result of the conversation the person  recommitted their life to the Lord and didn’t do what was planned. Our site saved a life!  It is amazing how fast our site has grown.  Last month (April)  2.7 million  hits were registered and this month we should break the three million barrier.  For three months, February to May I  had trouble getting into the site to make changes as there was a problem.  I thought it was software problem.  I had three experts both in the States and in Chile working on it.  After numerous attempts, they gave up, as they couldn’t find the solution.  Finally with a friend, we solved the problem by looking at it from a different angle.  It was our server in Chile that was giving the problem and not the software.  I changed servers and now everything is fine.

This past month, I was able to put on video tape 32 hours on how to create cell group churches. (all in Spanish) It was an exciting topic. One of the teachers has a church in El Salvador with 110,000 attending his local church each week. He holds nine services on Saturday with 5,000+ and on Sunday another nine services with the same amount of people but not the same people. He took 16 hours to explain how his church has grown to that amount and what could be done in any church to really grow in a short time. The other teacher, a missionary from Ecuador, who spent two months at seven of the largest churches in the world, shared for 16 hours about his findings.  He showed how the  250,000 member church, the 110,000 and the 45,000 are all doing things in common. These foreign churches make our US churches look a little small. Have our priorities been lost?  These tapes are going to be a great blessing to many people.  We need to break out of the old mold and thinking and begin to believe that God wants cities reached  for Christ.

Mary Jane is making plans to go with Youth with a Mission to Australia to evangelize people at the Olympics. She has just sent out letters to supporting churches asking them to help look for people to invest in her short term mission project. She has about 1/3 of her money now.

We had a major break down of our main power regulator.  This transformer keeps the electricity at 110 volts so the equipment does not burn out if the voltage surges.  I sent it out to get it repaired to a company in Chile, but they reported they couldn’t find the problem, even though they had all the schematics.  I will be sending it back to the factory in the States to get it fixed. In the mean time, I have been using another transformer, but it gives no protection to the equipment. Please pray nothing happens to our equipment.

Lina had a good time speaking and ministering in the States in March.  Paul and I are planning on going for a quick trip  (May 17-24) to Miami to attend Expolit, a big communications Spanish convention. We will be sharing about our web site and our videos.  Please pray for our safety.

The weather at night is starting to get cold, although in the afternoons it is in the high 60's.

picture of the world graphicPlease pray for our entire family.  We are pushing ministry to the limits, expanding the edges and believing for broader coasts and greater challenges.  You are our partners.  The victories of these past few months are shared with you.  We’re so grateful for your help and support.  Thanks for helping us take this liberating message to the ends of the earth and back!


Jim and Lina Thurston


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