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The Thurston Report   December 2002

  To Seek and Save the Lost

Casilla 207-11 Santiago, Chile E-mail: jamest@terra.cl
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T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S

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Lina, I and the mission staff, want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we pray that the year 2003 will bring you great blessings from our Lord.  We praise the Lord for what He has been doing through us. The ministry and our lives are His and He continues to use us greatly.


Not only do our audio visual materials and our internet ministry, which grows at 3% a month and reaches into more than 130 countries, make an impact around the world, but both Lina and I have personal ministries. 

Apart from preaching, teaching and discipleship, one of the church projects that I have been working on is developing a Bible school for our local church. We have so many new Christians and they want to know more about God’s word. The two church meetings a week are not enough. 

Ministering to the Araucanian Indians in Southern Chile

Lina in front of a “ruca” (Indian house) Gloria L and Christian Indian sister R 
Cesar Espinosa for the past four years along with his wife, have been missionaries to the Araucanian Indians in Southern Chile. Gloria, Cesar’s wife, prepared a seminar for Lina to come and share “How to work with women and evangelize others.” Cesar interned with us for two years in our TV studio while attending Bible School. 

Just before Lina arrived, she sent down to the Indians a lot of used clothing that she had gathered among the church members in Santiago. The clothes were greatly appreciated. After ministering to the Indians she returned to civilization and did another seminar in Concepción, another southern city, where more than 200 women from different denominations participated. 

Returning home from the South, her Santiago committee, had an evangelistic women’s tea waiting for her. About 90 attended the event in a local hotel and the topic was “Your relationship with your spouse.” Many received the Lord. Please pray for the follow-up.

My discipleship group

The book of Revelation is the talk of my discipleship group, where each week we go chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Everyday, I go through the newspaper and clip out articles about the Middle East and Europe as it relates to scripture and this makes the class alive and interesting. The group has grown over this last year and it is exciting to also see the spiritual growth.

Congress in Uruguay

Lina with the 31 people who went to Uruguay
Lina’s trip to Uruguay was very profitable. Thirty-one people coming from the north and south of Chile from five denominations went with her to the congress. Lina’s message was spiritually refreshing and it was a stimulus to the women to continue their evangelistic work.


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