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The Thurston Report   December 15, 2000

T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S
Casilla 207-11
Santiago, Chile
Phone (562)274-2485
email: jamest@terra.cl
Website: www.studio-jtv.com

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Merry Christmas from the Thurston’s

Missionaries to Chile for 34 years

Jim &  Lina in their national Chilean clothes

During this past year, the work in Chile has been very successful.  Our video equipment has been functioning very well.  We have produced Christian teaching videos and Christian TV programs.  We have over sixty hours of our videos now showing over our web site, and we continue to add more.  God has greatly blessed our Internet outreach. (www.intervizion.net)   In November 1999, we reported that we had over 1,850,000 hits with people from 72 countries.  This year we are reaching 4 million hits a month and have people from over 130 countries around the world.   We have received correspondence from many who say their lives have been changed and they say they are very thankful for the site.  I have been experimenting with putting our videos on CD and it is working out great.  This will open up new doors especially in the Christian educational field.

Jesus’ twelve disciples from Washington
      Who framed Leroy Chase?






The Brothers Keepers, a Bellingham non profit organization, put together a team of 9 from Bellingham, and 3 from Sequim, to come down and work on our home for close to two weeks in October. They tore out our old termite infested windows & frames and  replaced them in seven rooms. They also renewed the old kitchen cabinets, and re-wallpapered. Due to the abundance of studio video tapes, they built more shelves in my (Jim's) office, making it more organized.  They were truly a blessing, and a joy to have in our home.  In March 2001, they are planning another trip to Chile.  Maybe you would like to join them?  During this same time we received another blessing as two of Lina’s Congress speakers (shown below) bought us a new  kitchen range to go with the new kitchen fixtures.

Lina’s International speakers and translators

For many years, Lina has worked at evangelizing women who usually would never enter a door of a church.  She uses five star hotels to hold evangelistic meetings about every three months.  As another outreach of her ministry, she held a three day international congress at the end of September with women from five countries motivating the women to evangelize and pray more.  About 400 women attended in the day, and 800 in the evenings.   God's presence filled the place, and many women received a blessing from the Lord.  The speakers were from Chile and the USA. Many said, “the messages and the worship time were dynamic and moving.”
My son Steve, his wife Leyna and our grandchildren Jordan and Joshua, who live  in the Philadelphia area are doing very well and are active in their local church.  Steve is the back bone of our Internet ministry and he is in the process of giving the site a new design and expanding it.



Mary Jane
Mary Jane’s evangelistic team in Australia 






In September, Mary Jane went on a mission trip to Australia with a group of four from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and Kings Kids in Chile. She joined a larger team of 27 members to do evangelistic work in the Olympics. They choreographed 3 songs and ministered through them in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement houses, parks and churches. When they preformed in the hospitals, Mary Jane said “the children's faces brightened to see that someone cared.”  She was very grateful of those who gave and made it possible.

The YWAM leaders informed that the combined groups saw 930 people receive salvation with over 4700 people personally spoken to about the gospel. More than 7800 pieces of literature were given out plus 600,000 copies of 'The Alternative' were distributed. A total of 84 teams attended the outreach, well over half of which were from Australia and over 70 churches were worked with. The outreach was saturated in millions of hours of prayer including 2,000-3,000 intercessors from South Korea praying every morning.

L-R Jim, Johnnie and Paul taping an event 

At this time, Paul continues to work with the Christian TV show, Puertas Abiertas which is transmitted worldwide through DirecTV. They recently commissioned him to design a complex digital broadcast production center.  He has spent hundreds of hours on the internet researching technologies, and was sent to Argentina to explore new Sony technologies.  Additionally, Paul is helping me out in the selection of TV projects which have been presented for possible production by us.  The one with the most prospect  is a 13 episode Space show for children ages 12-14. This show clearly explains how dependent we are on God to solve difficult situations. The working title is, Space Brigade.  It is best described as John Bunyon´s Pilgrim's Progress meets Star Trek.  Once produced we want to distribute it, though out Latin America and the Spanish areas in the United States.  (We are praying for the money to start the production.)  The program clearly shows how dependent we are on God to solve difficult situations. The working title is, Space Brigade.  It is best described as John Bunyon´s Pilgrim's Progress meets Star Trek.  Once produced we want to distribute it, though out Latin America and the Spanish areas in the United States.  (We are praying for the money to start the production.)


Teresa Spicer 

Another blessing we received in October, Teresa Spicer from Auburn and from one of our supporting churches came to Chile to help us for two months in the office. Teresa says, “Being here I have been able to see first hand how our church giving to Jim and Lina’s ministry is important, and to see how they are making an impact in Chile and the world for  Christ. It has  been great to see how God is moving in the church and to see the Christians excited about Him.  The testimonies in the intervizion guest book shows the many lives who have been touched by the Internet ministry.”

There are many times we need to use some of our equipment out side the studio to record Christian conferences or seminars.  Some of our new digital equipment is so expensive and sensitive that we can’t take it out of the studio as it could be easily damaged.  We have come to the realization that in order for us to help the many groups put their conferences on tape we need to get an extra piece of portable equipment.

A couple of years ago we had a fund raising campaign to get new video equipment and bring us into the new century.  We are able to produce top notch Bible classes and Christian TV programs using our professional digital equipment.  Many of you helped make our Christian TV ministry studio one of the leading ones in all Latin America.

Will you help us once again to get this needed piece? Help us to pray that the Lord will supply the money to get it.  If you can help us, please contact our office or send your checks directly to our Bremerton address.

Thank you for being our partners and standing behind us in reaching the world for Christ.


Jim and Lina Thurston


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