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The Thurston Report   December 2003


  To Seek and Save the Lost 

Casilla 207-11 Santiago, Chile E-mail: jamest@terra.cl

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T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S

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A Christmas Praise Letter

Our Lord's message continues to go into all the world through our Internet site: www.intregridad.com
The 2003 year has gone by so fast and now we are looking forward to the new 2004 year. It was a year of great blessings and we want to share some of them with you.

1. We praise the Lord for His coming into the world and dying for us and allowing us to minister in Chile and through out the world.

2. We praise the Lord for the life of two of our investors and partners who have gone home to the presence of the Lord this year, Mrs. Marie Barker and one of our first partners of more than 40 years, Am Axelson.



3. We praise the Lord that at the beginning of the year our grandson Jordan, who is ten years old, received the Lord and a couple of months ago was baptized. It is wonderful to see the fulfillment of the Lords promise that all our family will come to His knowledge.

4. We praise the Lord that our sons are active in the ministry. Paul is serving the Lord by helping us out in the ministry in Chile and our son Steve is in charge of our Internet ministry, Integridad Network, one of the largest Spanish Christian web sites in the world.

Mary Jane

5. We praise the Lord that our daughter Mary Jane has just finished her second year in the university in Santiago. She has two majors: Public relations and bilingual translation. December 22, she turns 21 years old.



6. We praise the Lord, that for close to three months, David Merrikin from Sequim has been with us. He was learning about missions and practicing his Spanish. He also helped paint areas around our home, which hadnít been done for many years. He left Nov. 21.




7. We praise the Lord that part of the studio was remodeled this year making the working conditions more pleasurable. We also are very grateful to Northlake Community church who helped us build a guest bathroom this past September.


Lina's meeting


8. We praise the Lord for the protection and blessings during October for Lina and two others who traveled with her. She was teaching and preaching in three different cities 12 hours south of Santiago. She motivated women in different denominations to do more evangelizing.


New digial mixer


9. We praise the Lord for the digital sound mixer that arrived at the end of September. We want to thank those who helped us buy it and get it to Chile as it will greatly help us expand the work and do a much better job.


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