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The Thurston Report   September 2004

To Seek and Save the Lost
 P.O. Box 3945
Silverdale, WA 98383
Casilla 207-11 Santiago, Chile E-mail: james@cmet.netl
Phone 011-562-274-2485  www.intergridad.com

T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S

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Greetings once again from Chile.  (Please note our mission’s new PO Box number.)  

Visiting and speaking in churches on Furlough

This year has been very busy.  From March until the end of May Lina and I visited many of the churches, friends and partners who invest in our ministry.  That time was packed with many meetings in the different cities, around Washington State.  We enjoyed sharing what the Lord had done through us not only in Chile but around the world.  

The Lord continues to bless the ministry

We praise the Lord for the money we received while on furlough.  With these funds it made it possible to get a new server and digitizing computer for the studio which allows us to put more and better quality evangelistic and teaching videos over the Internet.  We are happy to say that this new equipment has helped the Internet site to double in the number of visitors from close to a million in April to1.8 million in August.

Letters from our Internet Ministry

Here are a couple of paragraphs from some of the many letters we get each month. This letter came in today from Francisco Rolando Gamarra Tello, who lives in Peru.  “I am very thankful for the wise counsel you are transmitting through your web site.  You helped me find a person from El Salvador who was able to direct me to the inspiring messages on your site which helped me in a very difficult moments of my life.”  

Another letter that came in last month; “My name is Elio Herrera and I am a law student in Caracas Venezuela.  This may seem strange, but I have been reading from your Web site, Passion of Christ, especially the part where you ask, Is Jesus alive?  While I was reading it, something indescribable happened to me and it even continues while I am writing this to you.  Something invaded my body which made me quake and I started to cry.  When it first started, I didn’t know what was happening, but I now realize that Jesus has power and He is alive.”   

People from 30 countries  watching our videos

Our stats say that during the last two months (July-August) 39,554 people from 30 countries have viewed our videos over the Internet.   I am in the process of redoing the page and upping the quality of the videos with the new equipment we recently purchased, so at the moment we only have a small number of videos available on line.  

As you know, our son’s Paul and Steve play a vital and active role in our ministry,  Paul on the video production side and Steve on the Internet out reach.  Paul dedicates much time to editing  and the engineering part of using the Lords’ money wisely, especially in equipment purchases. 

Mary Jane is finishing her 3rd year in the university

Mary Jane is completing the last semester of her junior year.  Last December she received an AA degree in Public Relations. At the end of four years she will have completed a double major in Corporate Public relations and English – Spanish Translation.  

Preparation for Women's Congress

Lina is hard at work preparing her third National Women’s Congress.  There will be representation from almost all South American countries.  The Congress will be going on at about the time you receive this letter and she asks for your prayers.  The congress will be held in a beautiful government convention center which has a capacity for 2,200 people.  The topics covered are Prayer, Intercession, Inter family abuse, and raising children in the Lord.  

If you have e-mail, would you please send me your address as we are trying to speed communication by sending our prayer letter by email to those who have it. Please send your e-mail address to jamest@terra.cl  We will continue to send our letters by regular mail to those who do have e-mail.

Prayer Requests:

1.  For Lina’s Congress Sept 23-25.  She also asks that you to pray for a much needed 1500 lumen video projector for her presentations.

            2.  For our health, that we may contnue our ministery without health failures.

3- Since the work is greatly expanding, we are praying for the finances to hire two nationals to work full time with us.

4.  We still need to up grade some video equipment and systems for a children’s show. (Please write me if you are interested in helping)

     Thank you for your prayers and love for us.

             Jim and Lina

Focusing on Latin America, but reaching the world


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