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The Thurston Report June 2005

To Seek and Save the Lost
 P.O. Box 3945
Silverdale, WA 98383
Casilla 207-11 Santiago, Chile E-mail: jim@thurston.cl
Phone 011-562-274-2485  www.studio-jtv.com

T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S

"He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him" (Ps. 126:6)


Greetings once again from Chile.

Since our last letter to you, we have been busy doing the Lord's work. We are working on producing a TV program using Christian clowns to reach children and plan to start recording next week. Today we built the background sets for the show. These clowns are well known in Chile and have appeared numerous times on one of the national TV stations. Children always enjoy seeing their antics.

This Friday we will be video taping the Purpose Driven Church Conference put on by the Rick Warren team who have come down from the US. This should be an interesting conference as I believe this is the first time it will be given in Chile.



Visiting southern Chile

Jim standing with his warm jacket at the southern most point in the world apart from Antarctica.
The beautiful famous Towers of Paine.

I had a chance to visit southern Chile with Dr. John Butler and his wife, one of our ministry partners, during our vacation time in February. In Puerto Williams, the southern most city in the world, I talked to a student from England for about 3 hours about the Lord. It was amazing to find how little he knew about religious things. He had never been in a church and he basically knew nothing about Christ. Although he didn’t receive the Lord, he did go away knowing why Christ died for him and the need to receive Him. After I returned to Santiago, I sent him some more materials. On the trip we also saw a penguin colony and the Towers of Paine, a beautiful local landmark..

Pastors and the Internet

Little by little the Chilean pastors are beginning to understand the internet and how to use it. I have been challenging them to get on board and begin to use it apart from sending emails. You can reach out to people around the world, and if you do things right, you can plant churches in countries where it is prohibited to do so, have international prayer meetings and use it to evangelize. One of our goals is to capture the Internet for Christ.

Servers serving the Lord

I am happy to announce that our new Internet servers have been up and running since March. (Servers are large computers connected to the internet and hold information that other people can receive.) What this means is that all of our videos are now being sent over the Internet from Chile and we don’t have to pay big bucks to send them in the US. By having our own system, we were greatly able to reduce our costs and at the same time increase our audience. Two of our faithful partners helped us get the initial servers and the connection. We have a dedicated fiber optic line directly from our studios to the backbone of the internet in Chile which connects by fiber optic to the submarine cable directly to Florida and New Jersey and entering into the back bone of the internet in the USA. Since last October, the number of people watching our videos over the internet has doubled from 20,000 to 40,000 per month. We have over 20 million page views per month. We have two new projects that will demand additional servers and we hope to give you more insight into those projects in our next news letter.


Today we received this letter from Heraldo Miguel in Tabasco, Mexico. He wrote, “The Lord bless you. This site (www.integridad.com) has been of great blessing to me for 3 years. I enjoy reading the articles by Brother Pablo, Noe Lopez and Carlos Rey. I would like to be involved even more to help out as a moderador in the chat room...I think I can use my experience and knowledge in the ministry. I log on everyday at work and I can always be on the alert to help.”

Yesterday, we received this letter from Willard Slaughter, one of the thousands who come into our site, and he writes, “I want to thank you for your words, as they pierced my heart. The Lord answered my prayer. I thought that I would need to live an inferior life all my life, even though I knew that God loved me and that I was born again. You don’t know how miserable I was and now I feel loved by God. I don’t have to fake a false smile and now I can be just me. I don’t need to hide behind a mask. Thank you again as you have been a great blessing to my life.”

Earlier this year we received a letter from Eduardo Galvan who felt led to translate the pastors messages from the Sequim Community Church. We are looking forward to putting the messages over the internet.


Leadership Training

Lina's leadership team in Chile.
Eduardo Fuentes speaking at Lina's training institute

The end of April, Lina had a leadership training institute for her Christian women’s group. She was very happy when 84 people showed up from almost point to point in the country. The three day seminar was intense with training in the following areas. Administration (3 classes), Theology of Worship and Praise. The order of God in the family, Spiritual Strength, and Personal Evangelism. Eduardo Fuentes, who is the Johnson and Johnson Latin American sales manager, spoke on Using Public Relations and Marketing to Understand the Public that we are Dealing with while Evangelizing.

Lina has been chosen to be one of the three women on a national interdenominational meeting along with 40 Bishops, Presidents and Pastors in general for a nation wide evangelistic out reach to be held in October. They plan to have three 30 minute Christian TV programs, one each night for three night on prime time TV on the number one station that covers all of Chile. The Christians are encouraged to invite their friends over to their home to watch the program together. The will be lots of advertizing to help promote the event.
Worldwide Prayer Meeting and Internet Evangelism

More than 3000 people gather together to pray..

In May, Chile participated in the World Day of Prayer and thousands invaded Chiles most important plaza in front of the Presidents office to pray for revival in Chile. I helped in the promotion of the event, opening the doors to serveral pastors groups. On the day of the event, Paul and I videotaped it.

In April, we were part of the Internet Evangelism Day to help communicate the outreach potential of the Web among the world wide church. We contributed a website in Spanish promoting the Internet Evangelism Day to the Hispanic around the world. The Internet Evangelism Day was initiated by a coalition of organizations and ministries such as Campus Crusade for Christ, Christianity Today, and the Billy Graham Center.


International TV News

Jim and Paul behind the camera recording Global Day of Prayer

We are happy to announce that we have been chosen to be the Chilean correspondent for Christian World News” (CWN), which is a non-profit television news program, produced by Christian Broadcasting Network News.

Our video footage of the Worldwide International Prayer Day was sent to them and we received reports that it was aired worldwide. It is always exciting to show and tell the great things God is doing in Chile.

Mary Jane’s college age church group meeting in our home

Prayer requests:

1.-Please pray for my son Steve and his family. The Lord has laid on his heart to go into full time ministry. Keep them in your prayers as they transition into this new life changing opportunity.

2.- For a video projector. We desperately need one to allow us to use power point presentations in our teaching and the meetings we have in the churches thus giving the people a better chance to understand and remember what we are saying.


Thank you for your prayers and love for us.                   

Jim and Lina

Focusing on Latin America, but reaching the world


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