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The Thurston Report   June 2003

  To Seek and Save the Lost

Casilla 207-11 Santiago, Chile E-mail: jamest@terra.cl
Phone 011-562-274-2485  www.intergridad.com

T R Y    O U T    S O M E    C H I L E A N    R E C I P E S

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Many women come to know Christ through meetings in secular places
Lina had a womanís leadership conference for three days in a small costal town about two hours west of Santiago where women from the North to the South attended. The 42 women studied administration, strategy, how to be more effective as wives, and sharing their faith. A couple of weeks later some of the group put into practice what they learned. In the northern section of Santiago, the leaders had an evangelistic outreach in a meeting hall celebrating mothers day. It was a great success and many turned out for the event.

Video ministry

This past week, we put up more than 17 hours of video Bible teaching on the Internet. Paul and I also recorded 10 hours of Bible classes. One person who was touched by the videos on our site wrote us two days ago, ďHi, the truth is I donít know how I found your website, but I have found that these pages are a great blessing to me. I am a Christian and I have a great desire to learn more about the Lord and to connect me with other Christians. I pray for great blessings on your site.Ē

Internet ministry

Doris, a professional musician, came over to the house last night giving thanks to Lina. About two weeks ago she came across our internet site and wrote an email to Lina saying she desperately needed help. Doris is from Colombia, but has been living in Chile for four years. In her e-mail she said that her brother in Colombia was very depressed and was on the verge of committing suicide. (This was the third time the Lord had brought us into contact through the internet with someone ready to commit suicide). She asked if there was any way Lina could help. Since we have good friends in almost every country in Latin America, Lina was able to make contact with some friends in the same city as Dorisís brother. The friends went over and talked to him and were able to help and encourage him. Please continue to pray that he will receive Christ soon. Our internet ministry has touched many lives and enables us to get in touch with people who desperately need Godís touch in their lives.


For over a year now, every Wednesday night in our home, I have been teaching the book of Revelation verse by verse to my discipleship group. Dr. Jaiver invited some fellow doctors and their wives over to his house. His wife Marisol began to share the current events and how some of these same events are mentioned in Revelation which I had already shared with the group. As she shared the doctors eyes began to light up. They were so interested and touched by the Holy Spirit that when she presented the plan of salvation the whole group prayed to invite Christ into their lives. The voice is spreading and now others have contacted me to ask if I can start another group and go over the same teaching.

Brooke Costa Arrives

Brooke working on the computer


On April 3, Brooke Costa, a short time mission worker, arrived from Sequim, Washington to help us for three months in the odds and ends of the studio and office work. She has been adjusting to the many cultural changes well, and is a pleasure to have around.


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