[Picture of Jim Thurston]
Jim at the new digital-S editing suite.

We have a studio, serial digital editing suite, DSP camera equipment, a serial digital Trinity componet production switcher/character generator/animation/special effects machine and an abundance of cables.

[Picture of studio]
Some of the productions don't necessarily involve video.

Our studio measures approximately 33 by 21 feet (11 by 7 meters) and has 60 Kilowatts of electricity available.  Our voltage is regulated by a Furman AR-Pro voltage regulator.  An Equi=Tech ET2R symmetrical power system balances out the hum and power grid noise.  Our editing suite is an AB roll JVC Digital-S and S-VHS room.  The heart of our editing suite is the Trinity live production switcher with 3D digital video effects, non-linear editing, live on-air character generator, paint, animation and compositing.  The room is also equiped with what we think is the best engineered audio mixer in its class, the 16 channel Mackie Designs mixer.

[Picture of studio]
César Espinoza, outside our editing suite.
[Picture of César]
César and his wife in their Mapuche clothes.

Many people pass through our studio. For example César, who's pictured up above, interned with us for two years while attending Bible School. Now he and his wife are missionaries to the Araucanian Indians in Southern Chile. Every year we take a certain number of Christians and train them to use Christian communications to further the Gospel. We look for people vitally interested in learning more about mass communications and how to effectively use it. The interns always come up with fresh perspectives to projects.

[Picture of studio]
Steve, our head engineer, shouts out, "Hey the Trinity works!!

Our studio and equipment are mainly used for our own productions, but at times we produce things for other Christian organizations too.

[Picture of studio]
Another Christian production taking place at our studio.

We have over twenty years of experience in video production. If you want to know more about us or would like to visit, send us some e-mail. We would enjoy meeting you.

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